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LISA G. - Great Britain Women's Water Polo Team, 2012 London Olympics

"I had the most incredible experience at Active Living Chiropractic. I have a very intense training schedule and quite a few injuries that needed addressing. In just one session, I felt the difference and my body definitely reaped the rewards. The staff is so friendly and willing to help in any way they can. They taught me stretches and exercises that I could take away with me and use whenever I needed, which is great for my lifestyle. It is a place that me and my body look forward to going to."


"I am so grateful that 3 close associates referred me to Dr. Bermudez. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide immediate relief from so much pain and increase the range of motion in my back, neck and arms. Because of his expertise he knew what was causing my discomfort before reviewing an MRI. My situation required coordination with and Orthopedic and Spinal Specialist which he encouraged for my best results and comfort. He has invested in the latest technology and staff to provide optimal care to his patients. His professional staff members have been courteous and helpful to me. I am recommending him to everyone who needs this care."


"Dr. Bermudez and his staff have done a great job treating my neck and shoulder pain over the last two months. I appreciate the holistic approach to treatment - adjustments, deep tissue massage, stretching, exercise, nutrition, etc. My pain has greatly decreased and my range of motion has improved. I also feel like I have a much better idea of what my problem is (shoulder bursitis) and what I need to do on my own to keep the issue manageable in the future. Thanks!"


"I have been treated very well here over many years with different issues. I always come away feeling better."


"I recently visited Active Living Chiropractic, and the supporting massage therapists, in regards to an acute shoulder injury. Their assessment was thorough, sensitive to my concerns, and together, they came up with a multi-approach treatment plan that significantly decreased my pain and increased my range of motion in just one week! Together they literally create the dream team of natural healing and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for treatment and/or general body maintenance."

MIKE H. - Co-Founder of CrossFit Body & Fuel, Beaverton OR 

"Active Living Chiropractic has been one of the best chiropractic facilities I have found. As a physically active individual, I have searched out many different body maintenance practices. The combination of chiropractic care and massage has kept me pain free and ready to take on the next challenge. In the world of CrossFit, you are constantly challenging your fitness and strength. Not only do I need an effective training program to keep myself fit and strong, but I need an effective recovery regimen to ensure I am ready for the next training session. The service, the knowledge and the care that you get at Active Living Chiropractic is outstanding. I recommend them to all of my clients."​

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