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New Treatment at ALC: Cold Laser

Active Living Chiropractic is proud to offer a state of the art treatment called Low Level Laser Therapy (Cold laser). Cold laser therapy is a therapeutic technique which utilizes specific wavelengths of light between 600- 980 nm to accelerate healing, eliminate pain, decrease swelling, reduce muscle spasms and increase functionality. It can be used on a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions.

The cold laser is a handheld device administered by a practitioner that directs light wavelengths over the injured area for 30 seconds up to several minutes, depending on the condition being treated, the size of the body part and the dose of light being emitted. The light photons that are emitted from the laser pass through the layers of skin and penetrate the underlying tissues. The photons of light are then absorbed by underlying tissues, and interact with light sensitive elements of the cell. In a process similar to photosynthesis in plants, where sunlight is absorbed by the plant and converted to usable energy, our cells absorb this light energy. This initiates a process that results in an increase of cellular metabolism, therefore decreasing pain, inflammation and ultimately reducing the healing time of damaged tissue allowing for a quicker recovery time.

These light photons stimulate all cell types of the human body including muscle, ligaments, nerves, and cartilage, therefore a wide variety of conditions can be treated including acute muscle strains, osteoarthritis, torn ligaments, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, tendonitis, and many others. Recent studies have found cold laser therapy effective for nonspecific low back pain (2015, Journal or arthritis research and therapy), temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ (2016, Journal of Oral Rehabilitation), and rotator cuff injuries 2016, Physiotherapy). Many other studies have shown cold laser to be effective for the treatment of other musculoskeletal disorders.

Cold laser is a non-invasive procedure, it is extremely safe with no serious side effects and is completely painless when administered. Because it is very safe, most people can use and benefit from cold laser therapy. Cold laser should not be used over suspicious carcinoma lesions, directly over the thyroid or in pregnancy.

Commonly, cold laser will be used in combination with other therapies such as chiropractic adjustments, massage, electrical stimulation etc, in order to optimize your recovery. It can be performed at your regular treatment appointment. Talk to your Doctor if you are curious if cold laser therapy could benefit you.

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